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What is materials is MMP comprised of?
Stainless steel mesh and anodized aluminum.

What lengths are MMP available in?

Is there a minimum quantity I need to purchase?
The MMP comes in 4 ft lengths. You can buy it in any increments of 4ft.

What color is MMP?
It is a light silver color as the the stainless steel screen can not be colored and the Aluminum is simply clear anodized.

Will it work on any roof type?
Yes, some flat roofs/urethane roofs may require more advanced methods of installation.

Will it void the roof warranty?

How does it attach to the gutter?
We recommend using 3 screws to attach it to the front of the gutter.

Will debris sit on top and clogg the screen?
Some debris may sit on top depending on the angle at which the guard is installed. Most will blow off on its own. Any debris that does not blow off can be easy removed using a telescoping pole/brush combo available at any local hardware store.

How much water will MMP handle?
It will handle more rain flow than any storm will ever deliver. However, there are some high flow/high concentration specific areas on some roofs which will need our larger mesh version, depending on the design of the roof.

Can I paint MMP?
The aluminum portions can indeed be painted

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Key Benefits

  • Keeps out leaves, pine needles and small sand grit from your gutters!
  • Eliminates gutter cleaning forever!
  • Fits on virtually any existing gutter and roof type!
  • Great for rain harvesting!
  • Your gutters will never clog!
  • Handles over 150 inches of hourly rainfall!
  • Translucent appearance makes it blend in with the color of your roof!
  • Low cost gutter protection system!
  • Patent pending