MicroMesh Pro is a highly advanced micro mesh gutter guard designed especially to keep out leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit from your gutters. You will never have to clean your gutters again because debris just can't get through! Rain harvesting is made easy because MicroMesh Pro Gutter Protection filters out the debris before it ever gets to the rainwater storage tank. This gutter cover uses proprietary V-Bend Technology for achieving its sturdy and durable frame while spanning your gutter.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps leaves, pine needles, and sand grit out of your gutters!
  • Eliminates gutter cleaning forever!
  • Fits on virtually any existing gutter and roof type!
  • Great for rain harvesting!
  • Your gutters will never clog!
  • Handles over 150 inches of hourly rainfall!
  • Translucent appearance makes it blend in with your roof!
  • Low cost gutter protection system!
  • Patent pending

Performance Video